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Race Profit Generator
An Amazing Tool for Players

Tom Console's RPG Optimum
(Race Profit Generator)

It's not exaggerating to say that RPG Optimum is one of the most advanced, comprehensive computer handicapping programs ever made!

What Race Profit Generator Optimum does better than any other handicapping program on the market is create a super-detailed, super-sophisticated ‘model’ of every given type of race at every track. Model means that the software creates a ‘picture' of what has occurred in a given type of race in the past, and then scrutinizes this picture, looking at every detail, to determine what characteristics winning and in-the-money horses possess in this type of race.

New features include: -- The Correlation Finder which automatically finds winning Correlations among the many factors in a race; Custom Plays - lets you customize exactly the situations you want the software to find for you;  A faster, more efficient database query: You can choose from one to dozens of handicapping factors in any combination to test. This enables you to create your own successful methods of play; 2nd Call: a new, much more predictive rating based on a horse’s position and deviation from par time at the 2nd call;  Total Pace: the feet-per-second total pace rating, great in sprints; LRC/F rating: shows the class of a horse in last three races, finish position and beaten lengths.

And there are still MANY more tweakable tools for handicappers of all skill levels. Be sure to check this one out!

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om Console's Race Profit Generator

Features 10 Methodologies
Includes Pattern Matching

The Superstars of Handicapping
Diamond Edition

 The Superstars of Handicapping Software features 10 different high percentage methodologies to arrive at a consensus.  Using a standard sort function, you can track each methodology individually to be in control of your handicapping for all types of races!

For example, you'll have up-to-the-minute totally accurate trainer stats covering every imaginable situation – layoffs, first-timers, distance, surface switches, etc. All of these stats are also incorporated into the selection process.

Of course, the program also includes the most popular computer handicapping features, like speed/pace/jock/class/earnings charts, options to view/print the daily program, past performances, a summary sheet of suggested wagers, and even more.

And what about Pattern Matching? This feature will detect situations where a runner is coming into a race that closely resembles a situation where the horse performed well previously. This is an enormous help to the horseplayer who would otherwise have no idea that the horse is in a position to run big because the horse has run well previously when today’s probable race shape, pace, distance/surface/pace, etc., were in play.

And the program calculates its own morning line!  It's based on handicapper Mark Cramer’s book, The Odds On Your Side, which details how to calculate an accurate betting line as opposed to someone's best guess at what the odds should be. You'll use this tool over and over again to locate overlooked horses that are overlooked because the general public doesn't have the information you'll have!.

And as if all this wasn't enough, The Superstars of Handicapping also includes the Superfecta Randomizer Software at no extra charge!

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The Superstars of Handicapping

Featuring the Total Immersion Process

The Console Continuum
Don't like Databases? Then Keep it Simple with TCC!

What if you could take just three numbers and consolidate 131 total handicapping factors into them?

This is what Tom Console has done in his new program, The Console Continuum. The software continuously calculates and recalculates favorable situations during the selection process (all in less than two seconds) and adjusts the final screen to what it deems the ‘optimum’ playing strategy

Each number represents several dozen important critical handicapping considerations. The Console Continuum does an excellent job at sorting out contenders in just about any type of race. The program generates a super performance tool/number that will lead you to not only the likeliest winner, but also the highest percentage exotic possibilities, including exactas and trifectas, Pick 3s/4s and even a fascinating way to construct low-cost pick five and pick six tickets, giving you a much higher percentage possibility of hitting these wagers.

You will also be provided with complete wagering strategies to increase your percentage of hits in the horizontal (pick 3, 4, 5, etc.) exotics as well as in the verticals (exacta, trifecta, superfecta). Check out The Console Continuum!

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The N.O.W. Horse

The N.O.W. Horse
The Exciting Program that Spots Trainer/Owner Setups for ‘Win-Ready’ Horses

Most players look at the pp's, speed figures, recent form, and the usual factors that bettors have been using for decades to choose which horse to bet. And sometimes, trainers/owners come into the calculating.

Obvious Bottom Line: the purses go to the trainers/owners who are best able to have their horses ready to win on race day. The trick for players is to know which horses are win-ready. And now, this unique software makes solving that puzzle a lot easier!

N.O.W. stands for Never Overlook Winning moves. The program uses a super-consistent formula that locates horses being moved into high-% win/place situations by their connections. This enables players to focus not only on active win/place situations but to also find horses with big point spreads that are likely ‘singles’ in the horizontal exotics (daily double, pick 3, 4, etc).

The N.O.W Horse includes all of the popular RPM Program features such as View/Print PPs/daily programs, up-to-the- minute trainer stats/graphic chartings for speed, pace, earnings, class, jock/trainer combos and of course the Summary Bet Sheet that displays all of the day’s plays without having to look at every individual race.

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Speed & Pace in a
Completely New Light

The Pro Point Speed Wizard
"Beyer Think" Comes to Software!

Dr. William Nill was a retired math professor and handicapper who found his own niche and played it for years.

In the early 90's Dr. Nill  developed an incredibly unique methodology using a factor that is readily apparent to anybody looking at a horse's past performances. He took a look at the most common speed figure used by handicappers at the time--the Beyer Speed Figures--and discovered a way to use them creatively rather than just at face value.

Dr. Nill  found that the vast majority of players were using the Beyer numbers simply at face value, which overemphasized them as a handicapping factor. That was something that created great value on other runners.   He concluded that while the Beyer Figures were accurate, they were one-dimensional figures that measured only final time. What he found was how to use a couple of other numbers to spot what most players today call real value bets.

 He found a winning way to incorporate pace figures to spot runners worth betting.

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The Pro Point Speed Wizard

Great Racing Software
Pace Handicapper? You'll LOVE This!

Thoro-Rate Pro

Thoro-Rate Pro produces extremely sophisticated performance ratings, ratings that measure every aspect of previous performance -- and then PROJECTS those ratings into each horse's likely performance today. Thoro-Rate Pro also contains a great tool called Momentum.  This  measures the amount of energy, if you will, a horse is bringing into today’s race.

Thoro-Rate Pro is designed to measure dozens of performance statistics for every horse that it gives ratings to. The ratings are called Comprehensive Performance Ratings since they encompass many different aspects of racing performance.

Thoro-Rate Pro numbers also include weighted ratings for every trainer and jockey, as well as weighted ratings for every jockey/trainer team.

In addition, the class formula Thoro-Rate Pro uses cuts through all the babble of those sometimes very weird race conditions written by the Racing Secretary. Thoro-Rate Pro also judges each horse’s class ability based on his/her performance in recent races at various class levels and then projects that runner’s class suitability for today’s race.

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What Do Horses Have in Common
with the Stock Market?

The Race Probability Module

Handicapping software designed by a successful stock trader???

Investor/horseplayer Jack Ott's method is based on ‘break-out’ stocks, which he has translated into ‘break-out’ horses. In the stock market, smart technicians look for stocks that may be ready to ‘break out’, i.e., jump to the upside in price based on proven patterns.

Jack says that there are ‘break-out’ horses as well, patterns hiding in the past performance lines, that the Race Probability Module will spot, often at great odds. While a stock, bond or commodity may show a ‘building’ pattern over several months or longer before the breakout occurs — things happen much quicker in this game since the time frame is condensed down to weeks or even just days.

The Race Probability Module is certainly one of the most uncommon computer handicapping programs yet. If the idea of spotting "break-out" horses makes sense to you, take the time to learn more it!

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The Race Probability Module


A Great Speed Handicapping Tool!

Best Bets, Prime
Fast, Easy, & Guaranteed

Master computer programmer Len Cyzyniejewski is the brains behind much of the software you see here. After producing some great methodologies, he reconfigured his huge database to focus only on factors that produced a large ROI (Return on Investment), whether it came from a single factor or from a combination of many factors.

That's how Best Bets, Prime was created! Centered around five elimination rules, Best Bets, Prime can be used on most races on both dirt and turf. You will average about 3-4 plays per track per day. If you handicap with speed figures and/or use Quirin Speed Points as part of your selection process, Best Bets, Prime is a must for your handicapping toolkit!

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Best Bets, Prime


C-WIN + !

C-WIN + !

is an accurate claiming race handicapping method that employs elements that are largely ignored by the general public, thereby insuring high average mutuel payoffs. The C  stands for Class, Consistency, and Connections.

C-Win +! does not rely solely on final speed figures, taking an approach that stands apart from traditional handicapping.

This program comes with a special new feature – The Bris Power Number. This is a rating that measures a horse's total performance as opposed to other numbers that simply measure speed. What's included? Track bias, variant, class, micro-pace factors, race shape, turn times, trainer/owner/jockey stats and more--a total of 37 critical factors!

If you like to handicap claiming races, you'll definitely want to learn more about C-WIN+! 

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Zeroing in on the Money Horses

True Tenders Advanced

If you have trouble picking that small group of horses which produce the winner and in-the-money finishers, this is for you! True Tenders Advanced narrows even the toughest field down to a select few and does so regardless of the type of race, class, and size of the field!

True Tenders Advanced can pick through the sometimes very strange race conditions written by racing secretaries at small and large tracks alike, saving you lots of head-scratching and downright confusion!

In addition, True Tenders Advanced will point out situations where a standout single horse is present , or a viable Dutching opportunity exists.

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True Tenders Advanced 


Powerful Computer Handicapping
by David Powers


When you purchase the PHQS software, you’ll also receive three other great selection software programs:

1) The Bonus Turf Program—one of the few programs that works effectively on turf

2) The Better-Late-Than-Never Maiden Program—a Maiden super-selector

3) The Gift Horse II—one of best longshot systems of all time, now on disk

The Power Handicapping
Quick Selection Package

David Powers' Power Handicapping Quick Selection Package is one of the most comprehensive computer handicapping programs available. Here's what David says:

The purpose of the of the original
PHQS Package was to create an easy-to-use, mechanical selection method that would closely mimic the results of our Power Plus Ratings, which we have used for years.

The research involved sifting thru literally hundreds of thousands of "combination" factors, all of which could be readily found in the past performances. 

When our data analyst provided us with the finished product, we knew we had something good, but we really didn’t know how good until the flood of calls and letters from happy, satisfied customers started coming in.

Named one of Phillips Racing Newsletter’s top 10 products of the year, the
Power Handicapping Quick Selection Package offers you benefits like these:

  • Up-to-the-minute trainer stats in two versions
  • Print a Daily Program with the click of a button
  • View graphic chartings showing which horses are superior in Pace, Early Speed, Class (Kelly # Chart), Jockey/Trainer, and Earnings
  • Betting Strategies for Every Situation
  • A complete wagering guide is included, or you can simply click on the  ‘BET’ button, and the strategies will be listed on your monitor
  • Full 1-800 Customer Support
  • Uses simple $1 BRIS PP Files

There's much more in the Power Handicapping Quick Selection Package, so spend some time visiting the detailed description and looking at screenshots using this link:

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Helps Narrow Down Contenders Fast

The Master Consensus Platinum v.1.3

With so many systems on the market, sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn. Should you be backing favorites or last start winners? How important are jockey-trainer combinations?

The Master Consensus software applies 23 winning systems to race cards throughout the country to select the most likely winners. You know how long it takes to handicap a single race; imagine the time and effort you can save by having your computer do the job for you.

Eliminate "handicapper's fatigue" and take the stress out of your betting with The Master Consensus.

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The Master Consensus


The Briggs Code
An Amazing Computer Approach for Handicapping

The Briggs Code is data point selection software that, to put it simply, focuses on identifying class and especially hidden class. This unique program analyzes class, surface, distance, sex, and other traditional handicapping factors and then looks for the horse or horse with the most data points to determine whether there’s a bet or not Yes, The Briggs Code will also tell you if there are no clear-cut contenders!

 As you might infer, The Briggs Code is excellent for structuring exacta plays as well as win bets. The program also features an incredible array of other important handicapping ‘helpers’, such as state-of-the-art charts, up-to-the-minute precise trainer statistics, FREE daily program, FREE Past Performances to view and/or print out, and a Summary Picks Page that will immediately show you the recommended plays without having to open up every individual race!

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and Multiple Screenshots of The Briggs Code


TONS of Easy-to-Read Info!

The Blaskower Magnificent 7

This is truly the BEST of the BEST from racing system author Charles Blaskower!

The 7 angles used in this software are: 1) hidden in-form horses; 2) performance improvement points; 3) probability to hit the board; 4) workouts  "within" races; 5) probable repeat winners; 6) horses who can hang on; and 7) hidden form longshots.

But that's not all! State of the art charts display final speed, pace, class, earnings, and early speed numbers.

And you ALSO get precise trainer stats and printing options for past performances and daily programs! WOW--all this in one great computer program!

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The Magnificent Seven in Action


Each Screen Full of Great Analysis

Race Profit Generator II

If you're a sophisticated bettor looking for comprehensive software to perform your own handicapping tasks, take a look at Race Profit Generator II.

The software inputs 300+ vital handicapping factors for every horse in the race. It creates an image of similar races and generates a logical picture for the running of the race you're looking at.

Race Profit Generator II is a great time-saver and unique tool for all handicappers at all levels, beginner, experienced or pro.

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Race Profit Generator II


Combines Speed & Class for You

Speed Matrix Plus

Speed is all-important in winning races. Sounds a little obvious, but it’s a complicated process to compare speed ratings in various classes over different racetracks. And then, if you're an experienced player, you'll take into account variable weather conditions and track surfaces, too.

With Speed Matrix Plus, all the work is done for you! By combining a speed matrix formula with a unique class rating, winning horses are spotted for you on a regular basis by the program. 

Speed Matrix Plus is a comprehensive package for the serious handicapper!

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More Information on Speed Matrix Plus


X-Minus-1 and
The Super
study Cash-In Angle

The highly successful paper system X-Minus-1 has now been forged into computer software. The system uses sophisticated, complex data, which your computer analyzes very quickly. What a big advantage to help free up more "thinking time" for the serious handicapper!

Complex algorithms are used in X-Minus-1 to evaluate pace factors. Fractional times are programmed to analyze the whole race card in seconds, and a points spread makes it a breeze to identify value bets.  

Combined with the proven SuperStudy Cash-In-Angle and several wagering systems to take advantage of value bets, X-Minus-1 is a powerful addition to anyone who uses a computer to help in their handicapping.

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