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The Trandex Zero-Line Program

Sometimes, great discoveries are made when you're looking for something else. That's how Trandex came about.  And what is Trandex? It's a computer program that analyzes the question "What factor do the horse’s past odds play in determining how well that horse will run today?"

The research's bottom line: ONE of the THIRD highest odds from either of the past TWO races finished in the top two of the current race about one fourth of the time. This is an angle that will allow you to locate horses that you otherwisewould never have given a second look!

It's simple, easy, and makes a wonderful addition to any handicapping approach to add a little more action and let you create your own spots plays.

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Discover the Secret of Odds Patterns

The Wizard of Odds

The Wizard of Odds program does some dazzling things and what it produces is one of the most distinctive handicapping factors a player can have. So what does it do, specifically? The Wizard of Odds analyzes each and every horse’s recent odds patterns, combines that information with recent performance patterns, and determines what ‘fair’ value would be in order to confidently wager.

WOW, eh? The Wizard of Odds has its roots in handicapping author Burton Fabricand's 1965 work, Horse Sense: A New and Rigorous Application of Mathematical Methods to Successful Betting At The Track. His method was based on locating underbet favorites, but a careful read of his material demonstrated that the method could also be applied to higher priced horses as long as value was present.

There's more fascinating reading about the concept and the program, so...

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The Odds Often Predict the Future

Future Pic

What? You don't need to be at the track or see the odds to play?

Future Pic, a new methodology from a software engineer horseplayer based heavily on previous odds patterns says it's true! David Kempler says previous race betting patterns make up the key to winning. Can horses in certain races be using as betting "tools?"

Based on patters that have been proven to be predictive of winners, Future Pic is a simple, unique approach to the game.

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A Favorites-Based System!

The Racetrack Millionaire and SuperChalk

If you’ve always wanted a winning system that bets on favorites, The Racetrack Millionaire and SuperChalk is a must-have! New data analysis has improved the system, giving you more winners and even greater consistency.  

A favorites system that gives consistent winners is every player's dream, but you must act now, as this is the last time the system will be offered to the betting public. 

Buy now and you’ll receive two additional single rule systems: The Las Vegas Horseplayers’ Bible Method and Profit Pattern Longshots!

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Favorites-Based Racing System


by Tom Console

Tom Console’s Exacta Extractor

There are very few systems that exclusively target exactas and trifectas. If you’rea horseplayer who likes the idea of hitting those big payouts, on a surprisingly consistent basis, you need to take a look at the Exacta Extractor

The Exacta Extractor system combines two previous winning selection methods and adds in a pace factor, which makes all the difference. Using provider files, the software applies its rules over the day's race card in seconds, removing any guesswork on your part! 

The Exacta Extractor is a great exotic wagering tool that will help you to construct exact and trifecta wagers quickly and easily.

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Tom Console's Exacta Extractor


Makes the Search for Profits Easier

Show A Profit/Place To Win

If you’re looking for more consistency in your betting, rather than long shots or huge trifecta and exacta payouts, then Show A Profit  is something you should consider.

Both Show A Profit and Place to Win  systems focus on getting consistent results for win, place and show betting. Of course, the dividends are not huge, but the regular payouts more than make up for it. An added benefit of the consistency is that the generated selections can be used to anchor exacta and trifecta combinations.

If consistency is what you need to play stronger, get Show a Profit/Place to Win software!

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Show a Profit/Place to Win


The Zarn Effect

Focusing on the odds in previous races is nothing new, but the methodology used in The Zarn Effect is unique and astounding.

The system allows you to eliminate half the field in an instant, and the few additional rules that are used makes handicapping a race simple and fast. A steady stream of winners makes The Zarn Effect a super tool for keying exacta and trifecta combinations. 

The Zarn Effect is easy to understand and use and very consistent. It comes with the Oddly Enough system, too!

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The Zarn Effect


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