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Standing the Test of Time

Tom Console's Mighty MC System
Making the Most of  Basic Factors

The Mighty MC System is a complete handicapping system which Tom Console and his brother Steve developed and used back in the late 1980’s, through mid 1990’s. And it is still totally valid today! Tom uses "SPACE," a combination of speed and pace, which makes adjustments to a horse's final speed based on the second call of the race. The system also uses a projected speed rating which is calculated from multiple races.

The Mighty MC System then blends in other factors such as class, earnings, positions, and others, to have the program generate ratings and rankings that used to take a LOT of time for players to crank out by hand. "Traditional" Player? You'll love The Mighty MC System!

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A Pace Handicapping Specialty

Turn-Time Plus

If you're interested in pace handicapping, check this out: Turn-Time Plus is designed to uncover horses whose ‘bursts of speed’, so to speak, are hidden from most players' eyes in the pp lines.  

First, the unique formula in Turn-Time Plus combines different turn-time scores but with a special adjustment-"penalties" for distances that are actually shorter or longer than the the reported distances. That adjustment is used, for example, when the timer at the start of the race does not start ticking until 70 yards into the race, which happens at a number of tracks. 

Turn-Time Plus then uses formulas for Trainer/Jockey strength and calculations for consistency to calculate ratings to spot overlooked horses that have a pace advantage. A true overlay-producing software program.

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Turn-Time Plus


Speed Figure Handicapper?

You have to see this!


The Beyer Positive Elimination Method
with the S/C Play

If you use speed figures to handicap, especially Beyer Speed Figures, handicapper Jeff Goldstein has something that will interest you:
The Beyer Postive Elimination Method! It includes the never-before-published S/C Play.

Jeff says "The principal idea of this system is to find horses which are in form, and which have a Beyer (or any other speed rating) edge, a ‘reverse’ edge, as I call it. The prices overall are modest, but with a high win % and very brief runouts  The system is simplicity itself, and once you are familiar with it, you will be able to determine whether or not a horse is a system play or not very quickly."

There are no plays in either Maiden races or 2-year-old races. The Beyer Positive Elimination Method analyzes races for horses in the 3-year-old to 8-year-old age group. The basis of the method is the elimination of non-contenders, which you will be able to do almost instantly once you know the rules.

The program also includes the most popular computer handicapping features, like the Summary Bets Screen, FREE Daily Program, FREE pp's, Speed/Class/Earnings/Pace Charts, and more!

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Combines Speed & Class for You

Speed Matrix Plus

Speed is all-important in winning races. Sounds a little obvious, but it’s a complicated process to compare speed ratings in various classes over different racetracks. And then, if you're an experienced player, you'll take into account variable weather conditions and track surfaces, too.

With Speed Matrix Plus, all the work is done for you! By combining a speed matrix formula with a unique class rating, winning horses are spotted for you on a regular basis by the program. 

Speed Matrix Plus is a comprehensive package for the serious handicapper!

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Includes FREE Trainer Angle System!

The Selectrix Key Speed System

Why is it so hard to determine the true speed horses who can win? The Selectrix Key Speed System is one player's answer to isolate speed horses who have the best chances to finish first or second in sprint races.

The Selectrix Key Speed System is especially suited for casual players who like the idea of isolating key horses for use in Exacta wagering.

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All Aboard the Win-More Express!

The Win-More Express

You know that speed is an important factor in horses winning races. The Win-More Express analyzes pace in a horse's previous races to spot overlookedhorses that are ready to win.

The Win-More Express uses a formula based on feet-per-second and compares current par times for the surface and track. The Win-More Express also has features like the “fooler” filter, which targets horses whose form would normally rule them out, but whose pace analysis makes them a strong value bet. 

The Win-More Express comes with special bonus software, too!

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