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An Easy Way to Use Trainer Stats

Trainer Profit Investor Software
A Powerful Tool to Boost Your Play

A wonderful NEW tool that isolates positive ROI trainer situations! Trainer Profit Investor Software saves you all the recordkeeping, all the research, all the expense and energy you would normally exert in locating positive trainer ROI situations on your own. Trainer Profit Investor Software can be used on its own, or as a ‘verifying’ tool with other software  to supplement and strengthen your own handicapping.

The TPI Software KNOWS which trainers have shown a winning advantage in a situation that applies to today’s race. For example, if today’s race is a turf race and the horse’s previous race was on the dirt AND the trainer has shown a positive ROI with this move in the past, the TPI Program will alert you to this fact without your having to look for it! And if the trainer has more than one Positive ROI Situation, you will know that, too! Obviously, the more positive ROI Situations a trainer has, compared to the rest of the traners in the race, the more likely it is that his horse will run big. There are dozens of race categories that qualify and TPI sorts them out for you with efficient precision.

All of TPI’s stats are updated daily, so when you download Brisnet data files, you will have all the most recent trainer data available. Trainer Profit Investor Software provides you with information that only a very small percentage of players possess — information that will result in higher average mutuels and more frequent visits to the cashier’s window for you!

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Trainer Profit Investor Software


Standing the Test of Time

Tom Console's Mighty MC System
Making the Most of  Basic Factors

The Mighty MC System is a complete handicapping system which Tom Console and his brother Steve developed and used back in the late 1980’s, through mid 1990’s. And it is still totally valid today! Tom uses "SPACE," a combination of speed and pace, which makes adjustments to a horse's final speed based on the second call of the race. The system also uses a projected speed rating which is calculated from multiple races.

The Mighty MC System then blends in other factors such as class, earnings, positions, and others, to have the program generate ratings and rankings that used to take a LOT of time for players to crank out by hand. "Traditional" Player? You'll love The Mighty MC System!

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An amazing NO-HANDICAPPING method of playing the horses!

Skeptical? Read on...

Over the last couple of decades, weight seems to have almost faded away as a handicapping factor, with increased emphasis on pace, speed, and fractions. But the fact is that weight remains an important handicapping factor.

And racing system author Jeff Silliphant has found the simple key to using weight with ONE OTHER significant factor to create a great spot play! 

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and Details on WEIGHT FOR IT


3-D Spot Play System Included FREE!

The "Win" Place

A simple system of using Win and Exacta Wagers that returned an amazingly high ROI in testing! Handicappers Jeff Silliphant and Jim Robins teamed to find a strategy that would return 50% ROI and still be super easy to use. They did it!

Fans of systems will be very pleased with the ease of use, consistency, and profitability of The "Win" Place.

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and the Handicappers Who Created It


Created Especially
for Claiming Races

The Claiming Race 
Money Secret

There’s very little glory in following claiming races. None of these horses are likely to win the Triple Crown – yet there will always be a winner, often at huge odds.

The secret lies with the trainer. In poor quality fields there will be often be a standout runner, a horse that seemingly has no business being in such a race!The Claiming Race Money Secret uses simple rules to identify likely winners, and a unique investment strategy turns the selections into profit! 

If you're more concerned with profit and value than picking the winners of the big races, The Claiming Race Money Secret is for you.

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The Claiming Race Money Secret System 


Analyzes 17 Factors in Just Seconds!

The Angle Emporium

The Angle Emporium, in its original book form, is the most thorough compilation of winning horse racing angles ever published. While you needed to do each angle longhand from the book, with the software, the best angles are all programmed into the program to speed up your handicapping big time!.

And, since a horse with a winning angle in his/her corner has an edge, imagine if a horse has two, or three, or several angles going for it! Wouldn’t it just make logical sense that such a horse would have an even bigger edge?

Of course it would, and  tests have proven that, indeed, multi-angle horses win more often, hit the Exacta and Trifecta more often, and wagering as the software suggests produces profits in several different areas.

Not only will The Angle Emporium improve the serious player’s game, but it will also provide the casual player and the multi-track simulcast player a way to locate logical plays fast!

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The Angle Emporium

Let the Software Spot the Plays for You!

The One Minute Handicapper

Take the guesswork out of your handicapping by tapping into the methods of one the nation's leading handicappers who has demonstrated his approach at tracks across the U.S.

The One Minute Handicapper identifies multiple Betting Situations which are likely to lead to winning selections. When these situations are identified in a single selection your chances of winning are multiplied many times over.

The BETTING SITUATION concept is NOT a system! It doesn't re-invent the wheel. It's a time- tested proven method, using the same readily available Daily Racing Form, tote board and official entry information as professional handicappers use. The One Minute Handicapper will teach you how to consistently pick Winners!

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The One Minute Handicapper


Helps You to Play with Confidence

The Safe and Sure Method

If you're a fan of  betting systems that score consistently, you won’t want to miss out on The Safe and Sure Method.

The Safe and Sure Method handicaps an entire race card in seconds, and comes up with three levels of selection to suit your appetite for risk. You won’t score longshots with this system, but profit is the name of the game.

Buy The Safe and Sure Method now and get a great FREE program with your order, Across the Board Overlays!

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Especially Created for
Analyzing Distance Changes

The 'Switch'/Vesper 41

The Switch is a sophisticated software program that solves the player's dilemma of handicapping horses switching distances. 

The Switch uses a sophisticated formula that determines a horse’s chances of winning based on a number of factors, including distance form, trainers’ results with changing racing distances, for their horses, and jockey data.

Get The Switch now, and you’ll also get the bonus system Vesper 41, a unique method that identifies excusable last start failures, with winners often paying hugeprices next time out.

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Understanding Distance Switches


A 100% Mechanical System


A mechanical system, removing all elements of judgement and other human factors, has long been the Holy Grail for players. Max-21 does all the "grunt" work for you and makes the selections as well!

You could handicap the races manually---if you enjoy poring over the past performances!. The initial filter scan used in Max-21 usually eliminates half the field, and the remaining rules make it a breeze to handicap a race in less than        3 minutes. But why take all that time when the computer program will do it for you?

Please be sure to specify software version when ordering.

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Conservative Horseplayers


A Different Way to Play

The Astro Rotation

Magic System

Many handicappers scoff at those players who openly admit they use Numerology or Astrology to pick horses to bet at the races. But there are many players who are convinced that using such unorthodox approaches is the right way to go for them.

Jerry Howell is one of those players and he is quite open about saying there's no handicapping or thinking involved in The Astro Rotation Magic System! Plays are automatic. Jerry developed his "Rotation" Theory, which has a basis in Numerology, and refined it to match seasonal ‘cycles’ he had researched. A simple explanation of this complex subject is that it is very similar to form cycles in racing, where horses go in and out of form. In the practice of Numerology, certain numbers ‘rotate’ into and out of favor.  The Astro Rotation Magic System catches these trends for you.

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Includes FREE Dutching Chart Book

Project UFON 3000:
A Most Unusual System

Speed, class, trainer ratings and a touch of...Numerology???

It may sound wacky at first, but if you've been around horseplayers awhile, you know that there are more than a few who bet numbers for what are, frankly, very strange reasons.

Project UFON 3000 uses the Universal Day Number as one part of its calculations, combined with a selection of traditional handicapping factors.

The background is one of the most unusual racing stories you'll ever read. So for all the details and screenshots...

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The Astro Tote Board Selector

Yes, a system based on numerology! The Astro part in the title is because the methodology works better on certain days of the week, or when the moon is out...or so it's been said.

Face it -- we've all met the player who hits the races now and then who bets on horse color, hunches, and even makes a pick based on his/her horoscope or even numerology.

Suspending judgement on this type of system is certainly a requirement, but all you need is the toteboard and the Astro Tote Board rules, which are easily explained.

If you're the type of player who does, in fact, use numerology in your life - and occasionally at the races, the Astro Tote Board system is for you.

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The Astro Tote Board Selector System


Includes FREE New State Lotto Strategy

The Astro Certain/Magic Numbers Selector

Most horseplayers have no trouble using things they don't fully understand with no problem--such as vehicles, cell phones, computers, and even the Internet! But these same people say "No Way!" when it comes to numerology and handicapping.

Fact is, many horseplayers are also numbers players and have no qualms about using "magic" numbers. Astro Certain is for these players.

Astro Certain does all the math and displays the numerologic formulas for your exotic combinations onscreen. If this suits your style of play, then...

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